Survivor 30: Are You Blue Collar, White Collar, Or No Collar?

Hello and welcome to yet another season of Survivor here at the Survivor Blog!

Considering the fact that the last season was something of a disappointment, I know that I’m hoping that Survivor 30: Worlds Apart will provide the show with so much needed redemption. The good news is that this latest season was, once again, filmed on the beautiful beaches and in the jungles of Nicaragua. The even better news is that we finally have a season with no returning players and no relatives.

Instead, we have 18 new players who, until they got dropped off in Nicaragua, were complete strangers to each other.

Still, it wouldn’t be Survivor if there wasn’t a gimmick. This season, we’re starting out with three separate tribes. The Masaya Tribe is white collar. It’s made up of 6 people who, we’re told, are used to “making the rules” and telling other people what to do. The Escemera Tribe is blue collar. They’re the workers. And then there’s the Nagarote Tribe. Nagarote is no collar. Apparently, they neither follow rules nor work. They just exist and do what they want.

Now, here’s the thing. Every season of Survivor has a gimmick and that gimmick usually stops being relevant after the first four episodes. Eventually, the three tribes will be reshuffled into two. And then the two will merge into one. The whole collar thing will eventually be abandoned and it will all come down to who plays the best game or who gets lucky.

But, you wouldn’t necessarily know that from watching the first episode of Season 30. If you took a drink every time somebody specifically said, “I’m blue collar” or “we’re white collar,” you would have been drunk before the show was even half over.

As I watched the show, I found myself wondering which tribe I would have been placed on. On the one hand, I work in an office and I like spending money so that’s a case for white collar. On the other hand, I’m also a writer and I majored in Art History. Ultimately, I have a feeling that I’d be put on the No Collar Tribe. And that’s okay because then I could hang out with Joe.

The majority of tonight’s episode was devoted to getting to know the players. Some of them made a bigger impression than others. Here’s a quick rundown:

The Masaya (White Collar) Tribe:

So — So had the misfortune to be the first person voted out this season. I liked So and I think that Masaya made a mistake getting rid of her. But really, So was her own worst enemy. If she and Joaquin hadn’t lied about the bag of rice, she probably would have survived.

Joaquin — So far, Joaquin seems to be trying way too hard to be this season’s master villain. Considering that his only ally got voted out, Joaquin’s days seem to be numbered.

Max — At one point, Max is described as being a “hipster academic type,” and that’s going to be his downfall. He obviously thinks that he’s very smart but I don’t think he’s as smart as he thinks he is.

Tyler — Tyler is both a former football player and a former talent agent. Tyler seems likable enough but I think his survival will depend on whether or not his tribe continues to implode.

Shirin — Shirin is an executive at Yahoo. She was responsible for the White Collar Tribe losing the immunity challenge and going to Tribal Council. I’ll be shocked if Shirin makes it to the merge.

Carolyn — And then there’s Carolyn, who is almost as annoying as the infamous Kaos Kass. Sadly, Carolyn has an immunity idol but, after just three days on the beach, she’s already way too paranoid for her own good.

The Escamera (Blue Collar) Tribe

Lindsey — Lindsey seems like a strong player. Though we won’t know for sure until they go to their first tribal, I could definitely see Lindsey emerging as the leader of the tribe.

Dan — Dan is a former postal worker. Dan likes to talk and talk and talk and talk. Dan thinks he’s a leader but he’s so full of himself that he’s getting on everyone’s nerves. Dan won’t make the merge.

Mike — I actually like Mike and I hope his early friendship with Dan doesn’t backfire on him. On the one hand, it’s easy to laugh at Mike because he’s the guy who ate a scorpion for no good reason. On the other hand, Mike was also responsible for Escamera coming from behind to win immunity.

Rodney — Rodney sounds like Boston Rob but I think that’s all they have in common.

Kelly — Beyond the fact that she dislike Dan, Kelly didn’t make much of an impression on me.

Sierra — Seirra is another one who didn’t get a whole lot of screen time. She’s incorrectly convinced that Dan and Mike came back with a small bag of beans so that they could go look for an immunity idol, which would seem to suggest that Sierra is too paranoid for her own good.

The Nagarote Tribe (No Collar):

Joe — Joe is currently my favorite player. Not only is he hot but he seems to be smart as well. In fact, Joe reminded me a lot of Malcolm. Assuming Joe doesn’t screw up in some massive way, he definitely seems like he could go far in the game.

Jenn — I think Jenn and Joe would make a cute couple. But Jenn also seems like the type of player who will try to make a big move at the wrong time and end up getting voted out as a result.

Hali — Hali’s a law student but she wants us to know that she’s “for the people.” Bleh. Leave your politics at home and the play the game, Hali.

Nina — Nina is deaf and, judging from the previews of next week’s episode, it appears that Nina feels that she’s an outsider on the tribe.

Will — Will lists his career as being a “youtube sensation.” It took me a few minutes and then I remembered that I had seen Will’s video. It was cute. Otherwise, Will didn’t make much of an impression.

Vince — OH MY GOD, WHAT A CREEP! So, Vince is a coconut salesman. After knowing her for less than a day, Vince is apparently convinced that Jenn is his soulmate and he’s very jealous Joe. The scene where he asked Jenn to hug him was full of all sorts of ick.

As for the show itself, Masaya was the first tribe to go to tribal council and, on a vote of 4-2, So was voted off. With the exception of Joaquin, the rest of the tribe felt that they could not trust So and, as such, they decided to vote her out and keep the physically weaker Carolyn.

As well, Carolyn has the tribe’s secret immunity idol. (The other two tribes have idols hidden on their beaches as well but no one has yet to find either one of them.)

As for the Blue Collar Tribe, Dan is getting on everyone’s nerves and the tribe is now split 4-2, with Dan and Mike on one side and the rest of the tribe on the other.

And, on the No Collar Tribe, Vince is being obsessive and creepy.

Well, that was the first episode of Survivor 30. What did everyone else think? Which tribe would you be put on? And are you looking forward to the rest of the season?

I know I am!

Lisa Marie